Cards Against Humanity Headquarters: An Office Space for Horrible People

First off, after having met a number of people within the company, I can confidently say that none of the Cards Against Humanity employees are horrible. Actually, everything about my visit to their headquarters was awesome! With a plethora of common spaces, the office had a strongly collaborative vibe. Really, what's more collaborative than a Moroccan hookah room? I'm guessing that's where some of the best cards have been thought up...

Trunk Club Chicago HQ Tour

I'm sure many of you (or at least the guys) have seen Trunk Club's stylish clothing advertisements make their way onto your Facebook news feed. There may even be a few of you out there who are actual customers. I've got to admit, up until this week when I got a chance to tour and photograph Trunk Club's River North headquarters for Curbed Chicago, I didn't know much about the operation than what I'd gleaned from their ads.


Despite the sheer square footage of the place (45k sq ft), the second you walk into the lobby from the elevator you can feel the hustle and bustle of stylists, tailors, clients, and countless other people. The day of the tour was beautifully sunny and mild (at 20 degrees that's relatively speaking) which allowed the interior's abundance of light brick and rich wood floors and ceilings to give off a nearly palpable warmth. The space, designed by Chicago native Kara Mann, does a spectacular job of creating a trendy high-end feel with just the right amount of hominess. This is a space that, at least in my opinion, exemplifies the importance of details in pulling off a larger feeling or style.


Much like Trunk Club's mission statement, the space is designed to be very experience oriented. There are fitting rooms for each of their flagship brands that are tailored (pun intended) in their design to that particular brand. I found this to be a really effective approach because once you stepped into that particular brand's room you could immediately grasp the aesthetic/lifestyle they were going for, great for someone who may not know much about the many different brands out there.


If having your own personal stylist and tailor looking after all of your sartorial needs is not enough, they've also got a full service bar that you can belly up to and get a drink! All in all a very cool place. With their subscriber numbers growing at fever pitch, I'd wager that we'll be seeing much more of their signature brown trunk boxes in the future.