Zeiss 50 F2 Planar ZM

Mulberry & Me, Division Street Boutique Clothing Store

In my mind, collaboration is one of the best things you can do both creatively and professionally. Working together with others can teach you so many different things. It can show you the way other people think and solve problems, as well as teach you how to let others use their strengths in tandem with your own in order to make the final product that much better. Easy to overlook (or ignore) is also the way in which collaboration can give you greater context on your thought process and methodology.

Even with the slightest understanding of these things I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Erica Bull, my beautifully talented girlfriend, by photographing some new styles for the Mulberry & Me blog. Normally my portraits are centered around stories and personalities with my wedding and editorial work, so it was fun to intertwine that approach while also highlighting the specific pieces the boutique is carrying (and how they fit together). We had a lot of fun on the small stretch of Division outside of the boutique, and I quite enjoyed seeing Erica's goofy personality peeking out during the shoot.


Looking forward to continuing to expand my horizons stylistically, as well as examining and embracing collaboration as a way to create even bigger and better things!